Hobocombo - Moondog Mask
Hobocombo - Moondog Mask
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Moondog Mask is the second album from Hobocombo, a trio devoted to and inspired by the music of Moondog and formed by Andrea Belfi (Rosolina Mar, Mike Watt, David Grubbs) on drums and vocals, Rocco Marchi (Mariposa) on guitar, synth and vocals, and Francesca Baccolini on double bass and vocals.

The official release will be on November 4th 2013 on Trovarobato Records/Tannen Records, distributed by Audioglobe/Digitalea. 
Hobocombo’s first album, “Now that it’s the opposite, it’s twice upon a time”, surfaced in April 2010 and inspired by their first concert, was almost an “instant disc”, entirely composed of reinterpretations of Moondog’s repertoire. That first release contained some elements (the Cuban groove in Bird’s Lament, the medieval psychedelia in Witch of Endor) that anticipated further directions of their sound. 
Proceeding with their concerts after the first album, the band started to develop a colourful orchestral sound (“The Magnetic Sound of Hobocombo”, to be precise), which, in turn, has created the desire to work on new original compositions and to insert deviations (“East Timor”, by Robert Wyatt) thus creating the definitive selection of tracks on this album. 
The result is a reflection on the exotic, intended as “imagination” (possible worlds, possible mythologies) that paints distant fantasy locations, but always grounded to earth by field recordings (and synths) and by topics like the East Timor invasion. 
The album is made of real locations like East Timor (or Berlin, or Bologna, or the Lessinia hills where it was recorded and mixed), but also imaginary locations, with the same spirit as Salgari who, while supported by perfect documentation, wrote about the Tigers of Mompracem without ever having left his native Adriatic coasts; or of Joe Meek who recorded “I Hear a New World: an outer space music fantasy” engineering 1959 technology (re?)producing the sounds of other planets.

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